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Everyone’s heard of Hot or Not right? Well this is what I think is not (hot).

Vista. Nothing profound about that statement I know. But up until recently I wasn’t much of a hater, however after playing with Windows 7 I now agree with the rest of the world that this was an epic fail.

Facebook. While I do still use Facebook, as soon as your parents (and grandparents!) start sending you friend requests it’s time to move on to another social networking platform.

Tans. Pasty white can be sexy. Tell me otherwise and I will throw my Wii remote at you.

“Funny” motivational poster emails. Enough already. I am tired of these and the last one hundred that have graced my inbox aren’t even remotely related to the originals and are only mildly amusing. Lolcat emails on the other hand, send them my way!

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