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As the glorious Heidi Klum says in Project Runway, one day you’re in and the next you are out. Here is a collection of tools, websites and other shiny things I like to help keep me in the game.

Web – excellent tool to get a quick overview of how a mail server is set up. Great starting point for troubleshooting mail flow. – easy, free and quick DNS lookups (even if it often misfires the first few times). – $1 a day web hosting. Been using it for Perfect Venue for over a year with no problems. At that price, I don’t care if the control panel is heinous. With Dreamweaver for FTP, Google Analytics for stats and my own mail server at home, who needs to use it anyway? – NZ domain names for $27.95+GST. Great interface for managing MX records, A records and URL redirections. – this is where I started learning my skills in HTML, PHP, mySQL, CSS and the rest. With the try it yourself tutorials any monkey can create a basic website (web designers please don’t hurt me).


Microsoft Office Sharepoint Designer 2007 – wonderful piece of software for (obviously) developing Sharepoint sites. What makes it even more fantabulous is that it is now free!

Tweetdeck – by far the best Tweet management tool I have tried. Manage Tweeps you’re following with groups, get notifications of direct messages and mentions and easily share photos, links and even short videos.

With each update comes excellent new features – the latest set of updates brought in the “in reply to” feature which lets you track conversations, trend monitoring via Twitscoop and see what your friends are all talking about using the “see what’s popular in this column” button. All kinds of cool.


Geek is in. Obviously. Didn’t you read the blog title?

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