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My first iPhone!

December 28, 2009

So my dear husband got me a shiny new 16GB iPhone 3Gs for Christmas/my birthday and I’ve barely put it down since 8am Christmas day.

You would think being a bit of a geek I would already have a fancy gadget like this but I don’t. While I love new technology and all, I am also a bit of a tight-arse hence even though I yearned for an iPhone for a long time, I didn’t want to fork out the $$ for it. Now I realise though, it is definitely worth the big bucks. It is just spectacular. It is fast, intuitive and everything else a smartphone should be. Now I can tweet, blog, Facebook and surf the net from (almost) anywhere.

I haven’t had a heap of time to try out many apps but here’s a couple that have already become favourites:

Flightcontrol: just guiding some planes onto a landing strip sounds kinda boring but this is one of the best games I’ve ever played! Warning: highly addictive.

Tweeite 2: I first installed twitterific since it was free and it was OK, but it didn’t really inspire me to tweet much. Tweetie 2 came highly recommended (via @mc_stacey) so I spent the $4 and installed it today. This is an absolutely fantastic app that is very intuitive and seems to be designed exactly around the way people use Twitter. Wins it has over twitterific are the ease of tracking @reply conversations back and forth, the translate feature, the ‘in reply to’ and ‘from inserttwittetappnamehere’ links, viewing tweets integrated with twitpic/yfrog/etc pics and the individual profile viewing is much better. The geotag feature looks quite cool and the ‘post to tweetie’ safari bookmarklet will no doubt come in handy.

TVNZ app: this app is nice because it’s free and is also very easy to use. In my opinion, it also gives more accurate NZ weather information than the Yahoo weather function that comes with the iPhone. This app gives you lots of news headlines which you can view by category and it also has a TV schedule (including TV3) and a podcasts area.

WordPress: I had initial problems setting this up (it kept telling me I had the wrong password but then it just started working) but despite this it seems to be a nice wee app that I am using to write this very post. You can manage posts, pages and comments with the easy to use interface. You can add pictures to your posts, however it doesn’t look like you can do other advanced editing like adding hyperlinks or bulleted lists. It will no doubt become very useful for short posts on the fly though. Now there is no reason to have such a long time in between blog entries!

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