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Wii Sports Resort

July 28, 2009
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I am not much of a gamer but I frickin love the Wii. Last weekend I went out and bought the new Wii Sports Resort with Motion Plus (and an extra Motion Plus for two player of course). Developed and published by Nintendo, this is the sequel to Wii Sports (which comes bundled with the Wii console). The game comes with one Motion Plus controller add-on as you can’t use the software without it. Attached to your existing Wii remote, the Motion Plus enhances the motion-sensing capabilities of your controller. You won’t have any trouble attaching it as it comes with an 8 step installation guide.

All excited and ready to try it out I popped the disc into the console, only to be halted by having to run a menu update before being able to play. This took only a couple of minutes, but following this (as if the 8 step guide wasn’t enough) there is a three minute instructional video on how to attach the Motion Plus to your controller.

So now we’re ready to play and have 12 different sports to choose from. There’s lots of reviews out there so I’m just going to provide a quick summary of what I thought.

Fun on your own:

Archery – this is one of the games I wanted to play over and over again to try to keep improving my score, and OMFG there’s even LAVA at the end!

Power Cruising – not sure why it’s not called jet skiing, but I loved this one. The trick is to really get into it and pretend your on an actual jetski.

Best two-player

Swordplay – Other reviews have said that this is a let down but I find something strangely satisfying in fighting my husband with a sword until I beat him over the edge of the platform. It was a pretty boring one player game with each round lasting about 5 seconds. I did look pretty fierce in the replays though.

Table tennis – This is my pick of the bunch. With the Motion Plus, the motion is very similar to how you would actually swing a real table tennis paddle. It does seem slow at first but once you start to get the hang of it after a bit of practice (and stop trying to play it like Wii Sports tennis) you can get some speed up and then SLAM the ball at your opponent when they fumble it.

Played once and didn’t play again

Wakeboarding – didn’t feel compelled to play this again at all. No specific reason, just hated it.

Frisbee – better with a real dog.

Didn’t play because needed some sunlight

Canoeing, cycling and golf – golf bores me on the original Wii Sports. Males seem to like it though, should I be surprised?

The rest

Bowling – pretty much the same as Wii Sports. I suck at it just as much. There is a new game option of the 100-pin game. I didn’t find it any more exciting and you’re screwed if you get a 79/91 split.

Basketball – I quite liked the 3-point contest. The 3-on-3 game was a let down though.

Air sports – the dogfight is a bit of fun however I got pissy because I lost really badly.

Final thoughts…

I would give this an 8 out of 10 and reckon it is worth buying. It has enough really fun games to keep you entertained and the Motion Plus adds a new dimension to the game. The graphics haven’t been improved at all – spectators still bob up and down with no legs and detached balls for arms. But who buys it for the graphics anyway?

Some other good reviews: (Wii Sports Resort official site, which I think is well done)

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